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Short Message Service (SMS) has rapidly become the most cost effective technology for a wide range of telecommunications applications. The most commonly used supporting protocols for SMS applications are HTTP, SMTP and SMPP. These applications can send message to mobile phones from different carriers in the background, thus increasing the productivity of employees. 4tune Technologies is the leading provider of Voice Process Automation technology focusing on SMS applications to communicate with mobile co-workers, customers at anytime anywhere to streamline their work.


  • Firstly, you need to register as a user so as to have access to our services
  • During registration ensure that information provided is correct, duplicate of information supplied will be sent to your email address.
  • After completion of the registration, you will be given 3 free SMS credit to test our services.
  • Also note that after exhausting the free credit, you have to buy credit by paying to our account. The amount paid detemines how many credit will be equivalent. see our pricing list.
  • Immediately after payment kindly text the payment information to our customer care's line 07068672683.
  • All payment should be made with your username (e-mail) supplied.
  • Customer's Care Line:   07068672683

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